Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nemaki Kimono

Nemaki, meaning "sleep" and "wear" in Japanese is a type of yukata lined with a thin layer of cotton gauze. The gauze softens with washing making the nemaki very comfortable to wear. Traditionally, women's nemaki are made with a floral often blue and white patterned material whereas men's nemaki are usually of a geometric design, also in blue and white.

We are not able to stock a wide range of nemaki, as our kimono makers/suppliers do not routinely make nemaki.  Indeed in Japan nemaki have a slightly negative image as they are associated with hospitals and the older generation!  Currently we stock an edo stripe nemaki in dark blue - this is very different form the ready-made designs available elsewhere  -  that we have had custom made for us in Tokyo.

Lined Kimono
Edo Stripe Nemaki

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