Sunday 29 December 2013

More About Kimono / Yukata Sizing

Choosing the size of your kimono or yukata is normally based on your height.  A general recommendation would be to wear a gown about 10-13" shorter than your height. However, as well as your height, your build and your general preference (for instance if you prefer to wear above the ankle) will also play a factor.

Many of Japanya’s gowns come in differing lengths. To help you decide which gown length would be most suitable for you we are currently in the process of adding visual size information to our product pages. There is a degree of overlap in our size recommendations as illustrated below.  For example, according to our sizing suggestions a man of height 5’11” could wear a M (58”) or an L (60”) yukata; with perhaps the 58” and 60” lengths being more suitable for a slim-built man and a heavy-built man respectively.  Some people, however, like to wear their gown above the ankle; in which case a man of 5’11” may prefer to wear the shorter 56” length  (see illustration below).

Kimono and yukata as wrap around garments are often described as one-size-fits-all. The one-size-fits-all categorisation would generally be based on a person of average height and build and is likely to be too large for a petite person  and too small for a big person.  At Japanya we stock a limited range of wide-fitting gowns for both men and women and petite gowns for the smaller person.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Kimono Gown Sizing

We are currently working on improving the sizing information we provide for our kimono and yukata gowns and will be adding this to our website in the coming weeks/months.  In the meantime,  here is a chart - based on our men's yukata - which you can use to help select a suitable length of gown.  If you would like information about any particular gown please email us with details of the gown you are interested in and information regarding your height and build.

The chart below shows how our gowns of lengths 56”(S), 57”(M), 58”(M), 60”(L) and 62”(LL) will look lengthwise on average-build men of heights 5’7”, 5’9”, 5'11, 6’ and 6’2”. 

NA = not applicable  (gown size not available at
For men of slimmer/broader builds the hem will be lower/higher accordingly.

Our recommendations ()are based on wearing the gown to the ankle (as in image 2, 3 and 4).  If you prefer to wear your gown above the ankle please select a size shorter than our recommendations.

Example 1:  an average-build man of 5’7”:
wearing a 56” yukata refer to image 2 - the hem will be on the ankle
wearing a 57” yukata refer to image 1 - the hem will be below the ankle

Example 2:  an average-build man of 5’9”:
wearing a 56” yukata refer to image 4 - the hem will be on the ankle
wearing a 57” yukata refer to image 3 - the hem will be on the ankle
wearing a 58” yukata refer to image 2 - the hem will be on the ankle

Example 3:  an average-build man of 5’11”:
wearing a 56” yukata refer to image 6 - the hem will be just above the ankle
wearing a 57” yukata refer to image 5 - the hem will be just above the ankle
wearing a 58” yukata refer to image 4 - the hem will be on the ankle
wearing a 60” yukata refer to image 2 - the hem will be on the ankle

Example 4:  an average-build man of 6’:
wearing a 57” yukata refer to image 6 - the hem will be just above the ankle
wearing a 58” yukata refer to image 5 - the hem will be just above the ankle
wearing a 60” yukata refer to image 3 - the hem will be on the ankle
wearing a 62” yukata refer to image 1 - the hem will be below the ankle

Example 5:  an average-build man of 6’2”:
wearing a 60” yukata refer to image 5 - the hem will be just above the ankle
wearing a 62” yukata refer to image 3 - the hem will be on the ankle

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Japanya Feedback

Although, we don't operate a feedback system on our own website you might like to check out our feedback score and some of the recent feedback we have received on Amazon Marketplace shop. Please note we only sell a small sample range of our items on Amazon.  For a wider selection of products visit the Japanya website.

Recent Feedback (Amazon Marketplace):

4.9 stars over the past 12 months

4.9 stars over the past 12 months (90 ratings)

Friday 11 October 2013

Daruma Dolls

Our new larger Daruma doll (shown above left) has a more detailed face than the smaller Daruma we also sell. The eyebrows are painted in the shape of a tsuru (crane) with the cheek hair resembling the shell of the tortoise (kame).  Both the crane and tortoise are well known in Japan as symbols of longevity as encapsulated in the Japanese proverb "Tsuru wa sennen, kame wa mannen" (the crane lives 1000 years, the tortoise 10,000 years).  The beard of the larger Daruma, as with the smaller dolls, is painted in the shape of Mount Fuju.

A reminder of the Daruma tradition: Daruma are sold with two blank eyes. The recipient paints in one eye when he/she sets out on a task. The presence of the one-eyed Daruma then acts as a constant reminder to its owner of the unfulfilled task. The other eye is filled in when the task has been fulfilled. One explanation of this custom is that the promise to give the Daruma full sight once his/her goal has been achieved motivates the Daruma to grant the wish of its owner!

Tuesday 24 September 2013

New Japanese Bag every day!

Furoshiki is a type of Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally used to wrap/transport gifts and other small items. We are now selling bag handles that can be used with our furoshiki to make a simple bag.

You can find instructions on how to make a furoshiki handbag here

Thursday 19 September 2013

Buy Kimono

Click here to see Japanya's selection of Cotton Kimono / Yukata for both men and women.

Monday 12 August 2013

Bigger and Better Hyper Japan

Thank you for visiting our stall at the recent Hyper Japan event.  Hope to see you again next year 25-27 July, at HYPER JAPAN 2014!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Mini Daruma

A shipment of daruma arrived today allowing us to restock our goshiki mini daruma set which can be purchased here:

The shipment also contained a selection of new products which we will be selling at our Hyper Japan stall later this month:

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Japanya at Japan Day

We had a fantastic day in Liverpool last week running a stall at JSNW's Japan Day.  A big thank you to all our customers.  We are now looking forward to our next event: Hyper Japan at Earls Court (July 26-28th)!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

New super cute mini daruma have arrived!

coloured daruma

We have just received a shipment of  mini daruma. We will be taking these to Liverpool to sell on our stall at the JSNW`s Japan Day on 1st June.

The default colour for daruma is red; however, daruma are now being made in different colours with the colour of your daruma being relevant to the task you are undertaking.

Both eyes of a daruma are initially blank.  When setting out on a task, the owner paints in one eye. Once the task has been fulfilled the second eye can be painted in!

We will be listing these mini daruma on our website soon.  For the time being you can purchase a red and white daruma pair or a green and blue daruma pair from our Amazon marketplace shop.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Popular Kimono

red crane kimono
Red Crane and Peony Cotton Kimono
Our beautiful purple Crane and Peony Kimono with its bold floral and flying crane design has proved extremely popular.  We are now stocking this design in red pictured left.

The crane, fabled to live for 1000 years, is regarded as a symbol of good fortune and longevity in Japan. A pair of cranes (due to mating couples staying together for life) also symbolizes fidelity.

We have several products featuring cranes including yukata and kimono wrappers, greetings cards, furoshiki wrapping cloths and earrings.  In addition, you may like to try your hand at making an origami crane with some of our beautiful origami papers.
Origami Earrings
Origami Crane Earrings with Cherry Blossom Design

Friday 3 May 2013

Hyper Japan Coming Soon!

We will be running a stall at Hyper Japan (Earls Court, London 26-28 July). Tickets are available to buy in advance from their website.  We will be bringing along a selection of new products including these cute miniature lucky cats.  

maneki neko

The colours of these lucky cats have the following meanings:
  •  white body - brings good luck 
  •  black body - wards off evil spirits and protects from illnesses 
  •  gold body - brings good fortune 
  •  blue body - brings success
  •  pink body - brings love 
  •  yellow body - brings money
  •  red body - protects from illnesses 
  •  green body - brings health

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Toukon (Fighting Spririt) T-shirt

We have recently added some new T-shirts with a kanji theme to the Japanya website.

This Toukon (fighting spirit) T-shirt will complement our very popular Toukon hachimaki!

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Japan Day Liverpool Hope University 1st June 2013

  We are delighted to be running a stall at JSNW's Japan day in June. 
Japan Society North West Japan Day
Saturday 1st June 2013
10:30 am to 5:00 pm Free Admission 
more details at:

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Take a look at the second-hand haori jackets we have added to our website.

Haori are waist-length jackets designed to be worn on top of yukata or kimonos. They also make excellent additions to western style clothing, worn as part of either a casual or smart outfit.

Click here to see our current selection of new and used haori.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

New Japanya products coming

Over the next few months we will be adding a number of new products including juban (kimono undergarment), feng-shui lucky cats and second-hand haori. Here is our most recent product addition:

a striking noren depicting Utamaro's print of three beautiful women.  Noren are one-piece Japanese curtains designed to hang over a doorway or entrance.  However, noren can also make wonderful wall displays or used, as one of our recent customers suggested, to hang over book-cases!