Monday 29 October 2012

New Kimono!

A new selection of kimono have just been added to our website. Stock is limited so please order early if you don't want to miss out on giving one of these beautiful gowns as a Christmas present!
The Cherry Princess yukata, which is now available in red as well as tuquoise, depicts a noblewoman with long black hair in a beautiful flowing kimono.
cotton kimono
Cherry Princess Yukata - red

cotton kimono
Crane and Peony Kimono

The Crane and Peony kimono available in a
lovely purple cotton, features stunning peony
and flying cranes.

The Cloud Kimono is black with "clouds" of traditional Japanese motifs in blue and gold.

Cloud Kimono


Saturday 20 October 2012

What is the difference between a Japanya kimono and yukata?

Kimono, literally meaning "item to wear" in Japanese, is a generic term for a type of gown that has been worn by Japanese men and women from the early Nara period to the present. Ankle-length, with long sleeves, it is wrapped left over right across the chest and secured at the waist by a broad sash known as an obi. 

Colourful kimono design
Simple yukata pattern
Japanya sells a large selection of kimono gowns, including a range of lightweight cotton kimono called yukata. Traditionally worn in Japan after bathing, yukata are commonly worn nowadays by Japanese at Onsen (hot spring resorts) and at summer festivals; and by Westerners as dressing gowns.

At some of our gowns are called kimono and others are called yukata. The main difference between a Japanya yukata and a Japanya kimono is that whereas the yukata are all made of a lightweight cotton with simple patterns and often plain colours, our kimonos can be made with different types of material (for example cotton sateen, embroidered cotton, polyester, or silk) and/or have more colourful more intricate designs. In addition, our yukata are available in varying lengths whereas our kimono tend to come in one length only.

Monday 15 October 2012

Asanoha Yukata

Made with a simple traditional Japanese Asanoha design our new yukata (cotton kimono) are available in red or blue. The asanoha motif, popular for many centuries in Japan, is made of a repeating six-pointed star shape which resembles the hemp leaf. Associated with hemp’s growth and endurance, the Asanoha motif is considered auspicious and is commonly used on swaddling and children’s clothes.Click here to see our full range of our yukata / kimono for men and women.