Saturday 4 May 2019

Understanding Japanya Kimono Measurements

Many of Japanya's kimono gown customers are replacing a kimono that they have purchased while visiting Japan.  A good place to start when choosing the size of your new kimono is to compare key measurements such as length, front panel width, and back width.  Within our kimono gallery pages we have indroduced figures which show all the measurements you will need to make a comparison with your current kimono gown and ours.

The kimono diagrams also illustrate the type of sleeve a particular gown has. For example the gown in the figure above has sleeves which are attached to the kimono body at their base. In addition, the opening can be seen to be the full length of the sleeve drop. In contrast, the the gown shown below has long sleeves which are detached from the kimono body at their underside and the arm openings are restricted to the upper section of the sleeves.

Example of gown with sleeves with partial opening.