Monday 24 August 2015

Senjafuda style name tags

Senjafuda (literally translated as “thousand shrine tags”) are rectangular pieces of paper showing worshippers’ names. These are posted – in similar fashion to but less damaging than graffiti! - by visitors to a shrine or temple to mark their visit. The custom of leaving senjafuda is believed to date back to the Emperor Kazan (968-1008), who marked his pilgrimage to a temple by posting one of his poems on the temple gate.

Nowadays, due to the volume of visitors and possible damage to their ancient buildings, many temples have forbidden the use of senjafuda. Nevertheless, Senjafuda style name stickers remain popular in Japan and to foreign tourists for use as property labels or as gifts to friends.

Edomoji, a thick square font is used for writing senjafuda.  We hope to introduce senjafuda style images such as those shown below to our kanjizone website shortly.