Friday 10 February 2012

New Kimonos

Over the last few weeks we have introduced some new lines of cotton kimono/yukata to the Japanya website. For men, we now stock the popular Japanese Writing kimono (which we previously only stocked in black) in blue. We have also introduced a stunning Phoenix and Dragon design kimono in three different colours namely "smokey" blue, black or red. For men that prefer simpler patterns we have introduced a basic striped yukata. For women, we have introduced a white yukata with a flying crane and swirl pattern as well as a kimono with a beautiful Peony and Cherry blossom design in red, black, blue or pale green.  

A traditional Japanese striped yukata available in medium, large and XL
Japanese writing kimono now available in blue
A Chinese Phoenix and dragon kimono available in black, blue or purple
Blue Peony and cherry blossom kimono also available in black, green and red
A white Swirl crane yukata available in small, medium and  large