Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kimono Gown Sizing

We have posted information regarding how to choose the size of your Japanya kimono gown in the past.  This previous post was illustrated with one of our men's yukata.  Here we illustrate sizing using one of our women's yukata.

Choosing the size of your kimono gown is generally based on height with our recommendation being that you choose a gown of 10-13" less than your height.  The length of gown you choose will also very much be based on your own preference with many customers preferring to wear a shorter gown rather than a longer one. The image below illustrates how a person of 5'7" would look in gowns of 54", 56" or 58" length.

Kimono Gown Sizing
Japanya Kimono Sizing

In the above example of a person of average build and height 5'7" we would recommend the 56" gown (that is one 11" shorter than the height).  However, the 54" gown would also be suitable especially for someone who would prefer to wear a gown slightly above the ankle. The 58" gown would perhaps suit a person with a fuller figure or if the gown is to be worn in a traditional manner, with a wide obi, excess fabric could be folded up at the waist.

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