Wednesday 30 July 2014

Happy times at Hyper Japan!

Nikki modelling our Japanya Happi Coat! 

Friday 4 July 2014

Heart Sutra Yukata (Cotton Kimono)

This week we have added Heart Sutra yukata (available in black and white) to our webshop.  The design uses script from the Buddhist Hannya-shingyou (the heart of perfect wisdom) Sutra.  This chant also known as the Heart Sutra, teaches the secrets of life and the universe!

The Heart Sutra yukata although similar to our Kyoto Saga yukata in having a Japanese kanji theme actually looks very different. The Heart Sutra script is slightly smaller but more dense and a gold hanko stamp is used in the design whereas a red hanko stamp is used in the Kyoto Saga design. 

Japanese Kanji Yukata