Friday 4 November 2011

Ryokan style yukata with a basket lattice weave pattern

Many of our customers are introduced to yukata (cotton kimono) on trips to Japan. There, ryokan and other hotels - even business class hotels - often provide yukata for guests to wear after their spa bath or simply as sleepwear. The fabric of these yukata are often blue or white with simple geometric patterns.  We recently received a visit from a customer who wished to replace a gown he had purchased in Japan, as after several years of constant use the collar was starting to show signs of wear and tear. Browsing through our suppliers' catalogues we decided that the yukata shown above - with a basket lattice pattern - although with more blue than our customer's gown was the closest match.  We have recently added this design as a yukata and a happi coat length to our range of gowns. Please note the yukata has been listed as a men's yukata but as with all our gowns could be worn by either men or women.