Monday 31 July 2017

How to choose your Japanese kimono: Part 1. Sizing

Japanya has been selling Japanese kimono online for 12 years now and over this time we have gleaned quite a lot of information regarding what customers are looking for when they are purchasing a kimono. Here, in the first of a series of posts offering our advice and tips about how to choose your kimono, we will talk about how to select a kimono that fits!

If you have bought a kimono in the past - perhaps on a business trip or while holidaying in Japan - and would like to replace it, measuring your current gown and comparing the measurements* to those of a Japanya gown would be a good place to start.
 * measurements of our gowns are provided in the image gallery of each of our individual product pages

Measurements of a Japanya Medium length gowns designed to fit a woman of average height and build.

Choosing the size of your kimono is generally based on your height. Our recommendations are based on the following general rule:

Kimono Length - the kimono's length (as measured from below the collar down the centre of the back) will be the same as your height minus approximately 10-13” (For example a 5'9” tall person should be able to wear a kimono that is 56”-59” long.) 

The width of our standard gowns are quite generous.  If you are concerned about the width you could use the following general rule:

Kimono Width - measure your hips and add on another 15”– 20”.  This measurement should be the minimum width your kimono circumference is as measured at its hem and should allow for a comfortable overlap.

Most kimonos, as wrap around garments, are described as one size fits all so if you are of average size and build one of our standard kimonos or a M length yukata should fit you. Japanya also stocks gowns designed to fit both petite and larger people so please take a close look at the gowns we have for sale on our website.  If you have any queries about sizing or gown measurements please do not hesitate to contact us.