Thursday, 9 October 2014

Popular Kimono Motifs Part 5: The Chrysanthemum

Images of the chrysanthemum or kiku are widely seen in Japanese culture with a 16 petal variety most famously being adopted by the imperial family as their mon family crest.

Japanese Earrings with Chrysanthemum Patterns

The chrysanthemum was originally imported from China to Japan for its medicinal properties during the Nara period. As well as being a symbol of longevity, the chrysanthemum due to the orderly unfolding of it's petals, is regarded by many Japanese as a symbol of perfection .

The chrysanthemum motif is seen on many of Japanya's products including origami paper, furoshiki wrapping cloths, our own handmade earrings (coming soon) as well as two of our women's kimono gowns.

Japanese Yukata with Chrysanthemum and Plum Pattern
Japanese Kimono with Colourful Chrysanthemum

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