Sunday, 29 December 2013

More About Kimono / Yukata Sizing

Choosing the size of your kimono or yukata is normally based on your height.  A general recommendation would be to wear a gown about 10-13" shorter than your height. However, as well as your height, your build and your general preference (for instance if you prefer to wear above the ankle) will also play a factor.

Many of Japanya’s gowns come in differing lengths. To help you decide which gown length would be most suitable for you we are currently in the process of adding visual size information to our product pages. There is a degree of overlap in our size recommendations as illustrated below.  For example, according to our sizing suggestions a man of height 5’11” could wear a M (58”) or an L (60”) yukata; with perhaps the 58” and 60” lengths being more suitable for a slim-built man and a heavy-built man respectively.  Some people, however, like to wear their gown above the ankle; in which case a man of 5’11” may prefer to wear the shorter 56” length  (see illustration below).

Kimono and yukata as wrap around garments are often described as one-size-fits-all. The one-size-fits-all categorisation would generally be based on a person of average height and build and is likely to be too large for a petite person  and too small for a big person.  At Japanya we stock a limited range of wide-fitting gowns for both men and women and petite gowns for the smaller person.

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